The Blogcademy // Glitter Bows and Bunny Ears Galore!

WOW! What  a week!!

It all began when, as you know from my previous post, I booked my place on The Blogcademy weekend workshop. I instantly started boffing up on making my blog better, knowing that my three blogging idols would be reading it for our report cards! I knew the weekend was going to be epic but I couldn’t have imagined just how EPIC it truly was!

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

With talks of snow about to hit across the whole of the UK, I went to bed in denial, hoping, wishing and praying that the weather men would be wrong. Sods law, the only occasion they are ever right was the biggest weekend of my life to date, the weekend that was going to change my life, and as predicted, the snow fell. We woke up to several cars sliding down our ice rink of a hill and the pang of worry set in that I wouldn’t make it to London. I still had to collect my business cards from town as, unorganised me, had waited until the last minute to collect them! I still had to get to Tesco (other superstores are available!) to get my picnic for the weekend.. How on earth were we going to do all this in time.. IN THE SNOW??

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

Brad made me count to 10 and breath, he suggested we got our walk on now, to get to the supermarket and then come back to get ready and we could walk down to the station in town via the printers.

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

I kept my eye glued on the train warnings to check the trains weren’t cancelled until we finally made it to town and collected my business cards with just under an hour until my train was due. We sat and relaxed in Brew Dog, getting the weekend away with a nice ale and a chat before he sent me off to the station and wished me luck.

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

I was finally on a train! Ahhh stress over.. I made it.. To London, The Blogcademy and beyond!!

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

Fishee Designs Does Blogcademy

Butterflies brewed in my stomach on the Saturday morning, whilst getting ready. The anticipation of the day ahead, after 6 long weeks, I would finally get to meet all the lovely bloggers I had chatted to in the secret group. I would get to meet the three fabulous ladies I had been waiting for and get to learn all there is to know about running a successful blog. Just being in the same room as Gala, Kat and Shauna makes you feel like you can do anything.


Although the main aim of the weekend was to learn how to be a good blogger via the presentation the girls gave, the weekend was just so much more. I have never seen so much sparkle before, glitter bows and bunny ears galore, sparkly personalities all around and so much self love and admiration in one room. There was an excited buzz about the place the whole time.


Fishee Designs does Blogcademy

 I came home feeling truly inspired. I spent the whole train journey home reading through 12 pages of notes and writing an ‘Immediate to do’ list and a ‘long term to do’ list. I have wanted to wait write my summary post on the weekend until I had actioned some of these ‘to do’s’ so I could share with you, with a bit of inspiration and determination, what can be achieved in a week!

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

Fishee Designs Does The Blogcademy

 My To Do List vs My Done List

I need to be hosting my site on = I set up wordpress.(Your reading it - do you like the changes??)

FIshee Designs Blogspot Blog

I need to befriend a ‘geek’ = I found an amazing lady from Arkansas, USA via wordpress forum who has been a legend helping make my site amazing. (more on that soon!! Yup she’s available for all very soon!!)

I need to do a Brand Audit. = I did a Brand Audit

I need to use more Videos = I have been VLOGGING! (my video went a little bit viral!!! EEEeeekk!)

I should send thank you’s to amazing people I work with = I made the above video to thank the Headmistresses.

Make all handles on social media the same = Check.

Use Pin It buttons on my images = Check (go on check any image on my pages and you can Pin It – How awesome is that!!?.. I can't stop pinning everything now!)

Create a slogan = The Alternative Pink Pond, Check!

Make my website look awesome = Check!!! Thoughts Please everyone??

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  1. Soooo awesome honey! Super stoked to see how your hard work has paid off! I need a taste of your inspiration….my silly day job is preventing me from knuckling down as much as I’d like to. Gah! Work-life! I can’t wait til full-time blogging-life is real life hehe

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